Thursday, August 23, 2012

Therapeutic Thursday

So today is Therapeutic Thursday on the week long blog hop. Would someone PUHHH-LEASE tell me the difference between a blog hop and a linky party? I suppose I could Google it, I Google everything I am not sure of! 

There is nothing more therapeutic to me than shopping! When I am stressed out or have had a bad day I can always make it better with a new sweater, purse or pair of shoes! 

This morning I woke up anxious that summer is officially over (tomorrow I am back as Lead Mentor with all my newbies which I am excited about but the thought of summer ending is sad)! Just when I've perfected staying up late and sleeping in, not taking a shower for days, watching way too much trashy reality TV, blog hopping and pinning for hours, grabbing lunch or playing with great friends and of course enjoying my puppies and husband it's time to go back to work...! Logically, I went school shopping! My husband can't understand why on earth I would need to go shopping since I have two closets OVERFLOWING with clothes and two dressers crammed full but there is just something about new school clothes. Am I right here? Knowing he would see the bank statement I restrained myself but I got three pairs of shoes and 7 new tops. Tomorrow I am going to hit up the outlet mall on my way home to see if I can find a new pair of Coach flats! I got these today but I am not sure how crazy I am about them...! They are HOT pink (my favorite) and so, so, so comfortable!
Therapy is also....

knowing I will have the support, love and encouragement of my best friend
snuggling with my two princess puppies
spending time at the beach
watching trashy reality TV
a good cry or vent session and when all else fails a nice glass of vino!

Here's to hoping for a smooth year that doesn't require much therapy!


  1. Cheers to that!! Love your new blog polka dots!

    1. Thanks Alex! I'm trying to get a whole theme going. I found this free layout for now that I like and I designed my banner with Gimp!

  2. What kind of dogs do u have? The one in the pic by your left ARM looks EXACTLY like my dog. He's a lhasapoo.

    1. Gremmy is a Shih Tzu and Lilly is a Shih Tzu Bischon Frise. I don't know what I would do without them!


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