Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Do you believe in me?

I spent the day at a middle school leadership conference and the rest of the evening working on our new teacher school based orientation! In the past two weeks I have felt excited about getting the 2012-2013 year started but also overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted (school hasn't even started)! I know this isn't exactly technology but stick with me!

While preparing for the newbies we are trying to overwhelm them as little as possible and offer inspiration! As I was surfing YouTube.com, an amazing technology tool I found these some awesome videos that remind me WHY I am a teacher, WHY I love teaching and WHY I support new educators despite the never ending to-do list, the lack of pay and respect, the stress, the sleepless nights, etc. etc. etc. . This was one of my favorites but I also love What Teachers Make and The Story of Starfish.

So, YouTube isn't the most tech-savvy tool that I can show you today tonight (yawn) BUT I think it has a lot of value if used properly! How have YOU used YouTube in your classroom? I think this is also a reminder that technology doesn't always have to have bells and whistles or be extremely difficult to use.

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