Saturday, August 11, 2012

Scribble Press

Hey guys! This is my first video blog so please be patient with me and excuse my hair! I got so excited to actually do the video blog that I didn't even pay attention to how I looked! Then I had so much trouble figuring out how to get audio that at this point I was just DONE :)!  

I used an app called Reflection which I downloaded on my MacBook Air and it allows me to mirror the iPad 2 screen onto the Mac (a-w-e-s-o-m-e). What an awesome way to review apps and show you what I am up to on the iPad! Then I used a fee screen recorder to pick up the audio. Since I used the free version of the screen recorder it only allowed for a 3 minute video. I figured 3 minutes would be plenty of time but apparently I talk too much so I didn't get as far as I had hoped going through the features of Scribble Press but it is very user friendly! My first graders picked it up after modeling it once so I am sure you will be able to play around with it. The app is free and can be downloaded at from iTunes here! You can also check out the site here!

Basically it is a book creating app. You type your text and then either illustrate your book OR import pictures! You an import clipart or actual photos. My students fell in love with this app and loved all the different maker colors and stamps that you could use! Once you finish your book you can add your own picture to the back and a small bio or about the book. The book can then be sent to iBooks and uploaded to the internet! It takes about 24 hours to process each book to make sure they are appropriate and then you can access them ONLINE! Parents LOVED checking out our books at home and students also read them at the computer center! What a great way to promote writing, reading and a core curriculum area (math, science or social studies)! Check out these Scribble Press books made by 1st graders.

I am in LOVE with this app and I know you will be too as soon as you check it out! I cannot wait to use it in the computer lab!


  1. SO COOL, Nikki!! I love how you used the Reflection app...really helps for visual learners like me! I can't wait to read about other apps you recommend!

  2. Thanks Alex! I thought I would definitely get my $15 worth out of the app Reflection. It is a perfect way to showoff the iPad. I need to play around with the screen recorders now.

  3. When I make my videos on my MacBook. I use Reflections and the screen recording option with QuickTime.

    1. I will have to check out the QuickTime screen recording option! I have been using Jing which works really well and SMART Recorder which is part of SMART Technologies, neither have time limits and work perfectly for quick upload to the Internet. Thanks for the tip :)!


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