Friday, August 3, 2012

QR Codes

Last year I became obsessed with QR Codes in the classroom! They have the potential to do SOOO many different things and my kids loved using them! The engagement level was insane and I looked for every possible way to integrate them into 1st grade curriculum and can't wait to use them in the lab this year.

I'm sure you have seen them EVERYWHERE! They look like this ------------>
A QR Code is actually short for a quick response code! All you need is an iPod, iPad, tablet or smart phone with a QR Scanner app. There are tons of apps but I prefer QRafter for iPod/iPad and QR Droid for my smart phone. It is pretty much a point and scan to bring up whatever is behind the QR Code. Go ahead scan it, you know you want to!!! There is a message waiting just for YOU (and Alex) just click the link! Don't forget to click the word SMILE to brighten your day too!

There are also TONS of generator sites that are so user friendly and simple. Basically you can link ANYTHING to a QR Code (text, pictures, email addresses, websites, maps, phone numbers, you get the point, etc. etc. etc.). I really loved QR Stuff to make basic QR Codes with text or websites but QR Code Maker allows you too add pictures or files which is awesome. There are millions of other sites just Google QR Code generator! Some have the possibility of changing shape, color and even adding a picture in the middle. They are so easy to copy and paste into a Microsoft Word document or even a SMART Notebook file or you can print several at a time on labels!

One of the *many* hats I wear at work is co-lead mentor with my PIC (partner in crime), Meghan! As we were preparing for our new staff orientation (we have 12 new teachers, yes you read that right, 12 new) we decided to integrate QR Codes into our day with a scavenger hunt to get the teachers acquainted with the building. How fun, right? I cannot wait to teach the newbies about QR Codes and show them just how fun and easy they are if they haven't already explored with them. The scavenger hunt goes to 15 different key places in the building with a funny, witty, lame rhyme clue and they have to take a silly picture at each place to prove they were there! Now this is just ONE professional development way to use QR Codes.

Kids LOVE scavenger hunts and QR Codes are a great way to design a hunt, self-checking worksheets or activites, questions in a book to promote reading comprehension, learn more about places on a map, the list goes on and on and on. How have you used QR Codes in your classroom OR if you haven't before where will you begin using them?


  1. I knew you would be reading so I tried not to give TOO much away! It is going to be SO much fun. It will not only be awesome use of technology, great team building and a fun way to find important places in the building without us just tellling you, "Go here for this and there for that."!


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