Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I am was the teacher with 13 flash drives! I started with one but I quickly filled it and then the next and the next and the next! I even got fancy by organizing all of my documents then color coding and labeling them. I never thought about what would happen if I lost one. I am famous for putting something down and not always being able to locate it, especially keys, my work badge and flash drives. After some searching and a little panic I am usually able to put my fingers on whatever I am looking for but one crisp fall day I LOST three flash drives (social studies, science and math). Each flash drive had SMART Board lessons, PowerPoints, warm-up activities, centers, worksheets, etc. Most of the documents had been emailed to my teammates at one point or another or saved on my desktop or in a folder but locating them was NOT easy!

My AP recommended I look into Dropbox and it was the BEST idea to date! ALL of my files are saved in the "cloud" essentially and can be accessed from anywhere! Dropbox works on my hP laptop, my MacBook Air and my iPads!

You can download Dropbox for free and it works just like any other folder on your computer. It is e*a*s*y to use and a real life saver. Now all of my documents are safe if I should lose my flash drives. When I took the ITRT position my teammate was panicked because I had all of the first grade files! She is not tech-savvy but I assured her that Dropbox would be our solution! I am able to share all of my folders with her and she can sleep easy haha! She has installed it and started using it on her own! I gave her a quick tutorial the other day and she is up and running!

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