Monday, August 6, 2012

remind101 and TodaysMeet

Long gone are notes apparently, check out this awesome technology tool!!!

Since *most* if not all of my middle school students will have cell phones, smart phones I thought this would be a great way to keep them up to date in addition to our class site! You could definitely use this with parents too!
It's called remind101. It's totally free and easy to use. You can visit the website here or download the app here. All you have to do is provide an email address to sign up for an account. Then you can begin inviting students or parents to basically subscribe to get your texts and/or emails. Students/parents just send a message to a specific number with a message @something and tada they are subscribed to get your texts/emails. You type your message, press send and off your message goes to anyone who has subscribed. You can even delay when they message is sent. The app is just as awesome and as easy to use as the website. Download, sign in and send your messages. The site even provides PDF directions for you, how awesome is this?

Oh the best part, there isn't a reply and students/parents will NEVER actually have your cell phone number!

I set up my account and tested it with my phone! It works perfectly and I can't wait to start using it with my Geek Squad class! I am sure they will love it, how cool will it be for them to get texts from their teacher?

This is another "cool" website tool for use with older students. You can create a "chatroom" at Today's Meet. Just send students the tiny url and they can chat away in a safe environment where everything is monitored. One of the best things about it is that you don't need a username or a password to set up your rooms. Students just enter their first name to join and the chatting begins. Blogs are great but it's always good to switch things up a bit.


  1. I loves me some TodaysMeet! I actually used it with my 2nd graders. It was a simple task, of course: we learned about 4 different non-profit organizations, and the kids had to share which one they felt we should make a donation to and why. They loved it! After, we took a vote and sent in our donation.

    Teach On.

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