Friday, October 5, 2012

Teacher Technology Personal Best Board

One tradition at our school is a personal best board in each classroom! Students earn their way on the best board not only by getting "good grades" but also by showing improvement or putting forth their personal best effort! The students LOVE seeing their work on display, who doesn't like getting kudos?!

During the first week of school I decided to designate half of my hallway bulletin board to the Staff Technology Personal Best Board when a teacher who is terrified of technology came to me for help making QR Codes! I got her started on it and she went to town. I knew I wanted to recognize her in some way but wasn't sure how, that's when the personal best board idea sparked! Each week I look for 1-2 people who have stuck out in technology either by taking initiative, asking for help, attending pd, introducing me or a colleague to something new, trying something new on their own, creating a great technology lesson, for stepping out of their comfort level to integrate technology, etc.!

Their work and picture are displayed on my hallway board which the whole school walks by! Their name and a little summary is put into the STAR Points which is our staff newsletter that comes out every Friday!

This is great motivation and a fun way for teachers to "show off" what they are doing! I overheard one teacher commenting that she wanted to do something with QR Codes to make it to the best board! I thought it was super cute because we sometimes forget that teachers are just big kids too and love to be recognized for a job well done just as much as a six year old!

To encourage sharing and showing off I have started a new tradition at our monthly technology meetings for each grade level to take turns sharing SOMETHING with technology. I think this is really important because there is SOOO much technology out there and everyone has different strengths and experiences to share! I'm really looking forward to this new tradition and seeing people who might not be the first to step up and volunteer to have a chance to come forward and shine!


  1. Love this idea! We all need a little recognition sometimes! :) Lattes and Laughter

    1. Thanks Julia! We do need recognition and I am happy to give that pat on the back with this little best board and a blurb in the Star Points! The teachers are really loving it too! On Friday I saw a few teachers walking by slowly trying to see who was added to the best board.


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