Saturday, October 6, 2012

Favorite Apps

Happy weekend friends!!! I am going to share my TOP 10 Apps for iThings in no particular order:)!

10. QRafter- Great app for scanning QR Codes! Easy to use and always reliable. You can even change appearance of the QR Codes! Guess what color mine scan?! PINK!!!

9. Class Dojo- This is a great "teacher tool" and all of the teachers who are using it at my school <3 it! Students respond well to the positive reinforcement and it is an amazing data collection tool for both positive and negative behavior! Having it on the iPad makes it easy to use!

8. Scribble Press- If you've been following my blog you know that I love this app! It is a free book making app! It is super user friendly and intuitive. There are tons of templates or you can make your own book from scratch. The books can be downloaded to iBooks and uploaded to the internet! I love all of the markers, you can import your own pictures for the book or add any clipart that is saved to your camera roll. 

7. Puppet Pals- Director's Pass- Puppet Pals is free but it has limited access to characters! Director's Pass which is $2.99 allows you to download several character sets and even use your own photos which you are then able to puppetize! You can also add custom backdrops! Move the puppets around and record voice! This app is awesome for story retelling or creating your own story! I can't wait to do my first project with this app :)! This app is deserving of a tutorial which may be a video blog soon!

6. Show Me, Screen Chomp and Educreations- I put these three apps together because they are all very similar. Basically they all turn your iPad into a recordable whiteboard where you can explain anything :)! Create animated lessons, label diagrams, add to photos, etc. All three are easy to use and have a little something different to offer! 

5. Spell Board- This app is not free but it is worth every penny! You can custom enter the word lists, record your voice saying the words and students complete activities and quizzes. You can download pre-made quizzes with dolch sight words too.

4. Space Math- This free app is great for practicing math fact fluency. It has easy, medium and hard for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and three different activities (flash cards, math sliders and math defense). The kids love it and the aliens are adorable :)! You can add a student profile and their picture so their progress is always saved. 

3. Linoit- I LOVE sticky notes and this is an awesome collaboration tool! You can post stickies, videos, pictures, links, etc. Set up a lesson, use this for brainstorming, check for understanding by having kids create a multi-media board on a book they read, etc.

2. Google Drive- I am obsessed with Chrome and all of the Google Apps out there for computers and iThings! I absolutely LOVE Google Drive. Makes uploading pictures, videos and other documents super easy. I have been using Google Drive with 4th and 8th graders this year and I am in love!

1. Google Earth- Literally hold the world in the palm of your hand with Google Earth! Amazing app for any landmark or geography lesson. Navigate around the world with a swipe of your finger, how cool is this?

What I love best about most of these apps is that they are not content specific and allow a lot of freedom for creativity! You can stretch them across most content areas and they are great for higher level thinking skills.

What is YOUR favorite app?

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