Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Google Chrome Apps

Let me just start by saying I am in l<3ve with Google Chrome! 

I have blogged about Google Drive, Google Forms and other Google things I love! But tonight I am going to tell you about the web store. The Google Chrome Web Store allows you to download Apps for your laptop, yup you read that right. You can basically turn your laptop into a big iThing :) . The store works just like iTunes or Google Play on your phone and download is very simple. MOST of the apps I have seen are free and there are TONS!

Check out all of the apps I have downloaded...

And then there were more....

 And someone got app happy and downloaded a TON of apps :)!

So here is my visual Google Chrome App list :)! I will be doing some up close video tutorials of a few of my {favorites} so be on the look out of video blogs coming soon!

Happy Wednesday, yes that's right I'm posting on a week night and BTW this is not a scheduled post!!!

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