Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday-Techie Tip

Happy Thursday Friends! Thanks to everyone who linked up on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for this week long linky party!!! Don't be shy everyone of you have SOMETHING to share! Also remember there are no rules about linking up late so if you want to go back to any day go right ahead!

 For techie tip Thursday I wanted to share a few {quick tips} for the iPad! To those of you who have been using the iPad these will make you roll your eyes but to those of you who are new to the iPad will find these little tricks very helpful!

Have you ever had an app that keeps crashing and you cannot figure out why and restarting your iPad seems like the only solution? 

Before you restart you iPad try double tapping the iHome button so your apps all appear at the bottom. Hold down one app to make the red minimize sign appear. Press this to close all of the apps that are open. Sometimes your iPad is overloaded and there are just too many apps running at the same time kind of like when you have a million windows open on your computer. Sometimes the app just needs to be closed and reopened rather than restarting your entire iPad!

Do you have more than one iDevice but don't want ALL of the same apps or automatic download?

Open the App Store and find the purchased tab along the bottom (Featured, Top Chars, Genius, Purchased and Updates). Here you will see all of the apps you have ever downloaded (paid or free). If you do not have them on that device a little cloud and down arrow will appear and you can easily download the app. This is great if you are sharing an iTunes account and may not want the apps to automatically appear on your iPad.

Do you have pages and pages and pages of apps and now you cannot download anymore?

I am super OCD and organized and love folders in real life but since this is my fourth iPad I have grown to be lazy with folders. I am also addicted to downloading apps. I have 11 full pages of apps. Yesterday I went to download a new app and couldn't because every icon spot was taken up on my iPad so I had to cave and begin creating folders. To create a folder you hold the app until it is shaking and gets the x. Then move one app on top of another and this will create a group or folder of apps. You can do it my subject or by unit topic or type of app. I grouped these five screen capture apps together. If you haven't checked out Screen Chomp, Skitch, Educreations, Show Me or Explain Everything yet you definitely should put that on your to-do list ;)!

I know these {tips} are going to make some of you roll your eyes and some of you open your eyes! I may come back and do an *advanced* update to this post but the puppies would not calm down enough for me to record my original Tech Tip (creating, uploading and embedding videos) which will be a later post haha!

Don't be afraid to share something that others may already know! There is always someone who can benefit and we can all learn something new from one another because let's be honest it is IMPOSSIBLE to know everything there is to know about technology that is one of the beauties as well as the beasts of it. 


  1. I love when I group some apps together and it already names my folder for me based on what kinds of apps I put together. I have also found that I put my apps in folders, but I leave the ones for my girls out so they can see them. I also put their apps on a different screen(s) than mine. Just makes it easier for them to find their apps.

    1. Hey Diane! I love that the iPad automatically names the apps and allows you to change it if you want! I have some in folders but for the most part just pages of apps haha! Since I have taught the kids how to search for an app the folders aren't essential but they do make your iPad nice an clean :)!

  2. Question! Everytime I try to download my updates on my iPhone, it says I don't have enough space. ARGH. I've tried to delete Apps I don't really use, and I know there's iCloud, but I'm still so afraid to delete my pics b/c I have tons of them from my son as a newborn. Any other ideas on how to free up memory? LOL.

    Thanks for your tips!

    Going to check out Screen Chomp & Explain Everything! :D

    Teach On.

    1. I must admit that my poor iPad is FULL too. I cannot update Keynote, Pages or Numbers. Luckily my IOS is up to date. I have tried deleting apps too but that doesn't help too much! I have the same issue- pictures! Although they are in the cloud, on my MacBook AND in my Shutterfly account I still have a hard time deleting them for some reason. We could always purchase more space in the cloud to solve the problem :)!

  3. Gayla, to free up some memory have you tried plugging your phone into your computer, and uploading all your photos into iPhoto? After they get uploaded, you'll be asked if you want to delete them off your phone, and the answer would be yes! Just make sure they made it to your computer first! I don't usually keep my photos in iPhoto, so I would love to know how to upload them to my external hard drive. Does anyone know?

    A Little Tech

  4. Great tip. Just tried to link up, but it says "Collection Closed."

    iTeach 1:1

    1. Hey. So sorry about that. I'm not sure what was going on but I got in and changed the settings!


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