Monday, September 17, 2012

Tell Me Something Good

Happy Monday friends! Technically this is the second blog post of the day but because I am linking up with Rowdy in First Grade for tell me something good I cannot do a scheduled blog (Sorry! BTW- Is there really a blog rule that says you can only post ONCE?)!

Something Good At School
Today I finally got to work with children!!! Actually, I have had my Geek Squad guys in class and before/after school BUT today was the first day that I worked with kids (besides GS) on a lesson that I created! I also got to co-teach with my part time ITRT which was awesome. She jumped right in and we were able to work with a larger group of kids with the extra set of hands. Despite being sick and feeling rather lack luster I had a blast working with the 1st and 2nd graders with her.

Something Good At Home
My husband is amazing! I couldn't have married a more loving, supportive and sweet man. September is always a whirlwind full of late nights, early mornings and a never-ending to-do list (actually, that is more like my LIFE) but he has not once complained. He's been a trooper! While he is always helpful, lately he has been taking care of dinner every night (he is a master in the kitchen) and he continues to make gluten/dairy free taste delicious! On the gluten/dairy free note we keep finding new items and recipes that I can actually eat which is another good at home :)! I feel like this list could go on for hours. I am very blessed and feel like one lucky girl to have such a great life!

*Quick tech. tip for bloggers: When inserting a picture you can make that a direct link! Just grab the picture while editing a blog and then press the "link" button as if you were going to add a hyperlink in your text! Paste the link you want to attach it to and *tada* your picture is no linked up! (I felt like I had to include a tech tip!)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm happy to find yours...I could use a little help in the tech department. :) Now let's see if we can continue this regular posting thing! :) Lattes and Laughter

    1. Hopefully you can find some resources and tips on my blog then! I look forward to blog stalking you in the future (mostly weekends) haha! Best of luck continuing with the daily blog posts and happy school year.


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