Sunday, September 16, 2012


How many times have you tried to open a website on the iPad only to find a blank page OR an error saying "Adobe Flash Player Missing"?

I am planning to use Scholastic BookFlix (for one center) with a group of 2nd graders tomorrow. I was so excited to be working with kids finally that I didn't even check *my* own lab schedule and guess what someone is scheduled for testing SO I had to do some quick problem solving (what I do best)! I have a cart of iPods and 10 iPads so I decided to use the iPads and pair up my students. I went to open BookFlix with Safari and this is what I see...

I used to get SO frustrated when this happened but didn't know how to fix the problem! I did some research and low and behold I found an iPad app called Rover! It is FREE which is always a bonus!

Essentially Rover is a browser much like Safari, Explorer or Chrome but it is compatible with flash player on the iPad! When I open BookFlix with Rover this is what I see now...

The second graders are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and will read Waiting For Wings (fiction) and Butterflies (nonfiction). 

 The story played beautifully with no Flash Player issues!

Happy Sunday friends! I wish you all a wonderful week!

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