Sunday, September 30, 2012

Technology Expo

Happy Sunday friends! I feel like I disappeared from the blog world for awhile but the past few weeks have been crazy busy and I've been fighting a cold for weeks now! I am back tonight and have lots to share! Last week I was very fortunate to be able to attend a Technology Expo in Roanoke, Virginia with Alex over at The School Potato! We left at noon on Wednesday and it was about a four hour drive from work. The hotel was very castle-like and the service was outstanding! We were greeted pleasantly and given warm chocolate chip cookies. The weather was GORGEOUS and we got to relax as soon as we got there.  While enjoying ourselves on the balcony we noticed a walk way which led to downtown! We explored and found a Friendship Fountain and had a delicious sushi dinner at a place called Wasabi. On Thursday we went to the Lee Hartman and Sons Technology Expo in Salem, Virginia. There were lots of great vendors but only a few that were applicable to the K-12 education field. We got a great contact with SMART and may have the opportunity to demo a SMART Table. The ELMO presentation was awesome and we are borrowing lots of her ideas for use with the SMART Response clickers and the document cameras that we already have! She also had an interactive tablet and I knew I had seen one of these (SMART Airliner) in our cupboards so this sparked me to get it out and hook it up. There were door prizes drawn between each session. Let me just start by saying I never win anything but after one of the afternoon sessions my number was called! I am excited to set this new document camera (hmm not sure the name or its capabilities yet). I am hoping to get it set up tomorrow and see what it can do! We had a lot of fun and took a few great ideas away so all and all it was a successful trip!


  1. Sounds like fun! hmmm... a SMARTtable? Sounds pretty cool. Congrats on winning the doc camera! :)

    Hello Mrs Sykes

    1. Jen, I am super excited about the SMART Table. Check it out, The document camera is being replaced as we speak (it broke when I was trying to adjust the camera, OOOPS!)!

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