Sunday, February 2, 2014

FETC 2014

I didn't think it would be possible for FETC 2014 to top last years amazing ed tech conference but IT DID (OK, maybe not the weather but EVERYTHING else)! I don't even know where to begin because my brain is overflowing with ideas and I am completely exhausted!

We kicked off FETC 2014 by attending the first annual Photo Walk which got moved indoors because of the rain. Despite the weather we had fun searching for the letters F E T C in architecture and signs around the conference center. We also met some awesome people from New Jersey who we spent time with all week and this is where our shirts first got scanned :)! 

The Tech Share featured Kathy Schrock, Hall Davidson, Leslie Fisher and Adam Bellow. If you do not follow these four on Twitter you should. Their websites are all awesome resources as well. Leslie is absolutely hilarious and it is like a stand up comedy show while learning all about the latest and greatest in technology. Adam is also quite funny and shared his version of Wrecking Ball which is still stuck in my head! The week was jam packed from 9:30am on Wednesday until 5 pm on Friday. We attended awesome keynote presentations and other concurrent and featured sessions. I will share some of my favorite FETC finds when I have more time to digest everything and look over my notes! 

Meghan and I presented #SCANAPALOOZA2 on Thursday at 4:20 and I wanted to share all of our presentation materials with YOU. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions!

In addition to learning so much, being inspired by amazing speakers, and putting a few new tricks in my tool bag here are my FETC Top 10 Favorites 

10. Badge ribbons

9. Dell Balloon Artist (I got a princess crown)

8. FETC Photo Walk

7. Being tweeted back by Adam Bellow, Leslie Fisher, edmodo, remind101 and blendspace

6. Meeting and chatting with Jennifer Womble, Adam Bellow and Leslie Fisher

5. Hanging out with Remind 101 team

4. Getting edmodo and remind101 tee shirts, one was MUCH harder to get than the other

3. Leslie Fisher shout out during her presentation


2. Having our shirts scanned and presenting SCANAPALOOZA#2 

1. Expanding my PLN on Twitter and connecting/meeting with some awesome educators from NJ, NC, VA, IL and Canada

Here is our #flipgram video that we submitted for the #instagram challenge for Day in the Life of FETC. We didn't realize instagram cut you off at 15 seconds and our video is over a minute. #OOPS! #FAIL If you haven't downloaded Flipgram yet you should. It is so easy to use and it makes slideshow creation a breeze. You can even add music :)! 

The Florida sunshine decided to peek out just as we were getting ready to board our plane and head home to DC! #sunatatimelikethis

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