Sunday, June 2, 2013


educreations is a free app for iPad that allows you to turn your iPad into a mini whiteboard that records your voice and any annotations that you make. It is super easy to use and works a lot like Show Me! I love that this app can be used with any curriculum and I have two examples to share! By creating a free account you are easily able to save lessons and they are sent straight to the internet as well as all iPads logged in under that account. allows you to share links and embed codes with a breeze! You could use this app with ANY content area!

3rd Grade Math:


Each student had was given a word problem on a label. First they solved it on paper and then once had their answer checked and were comfortable explaining all of the steps they created their educreation.

2nd Grade Social Studies:

These 7 geographic features are part of the 2nd grade Virginia curriculum! First students worked to complete their "script" using their Social Studies book and place mat maps. They had to figure out where each feature was located and fill in the cardinal directions on their scripts. Once their scripts were complete students worked in pairs to create their educreation. 

Technology Centers

Implementing technology centers was a big goal for me this year and I couldn't be happier with the way they have worked out! Last week I created math centers to help the third graders review for their big state test coming up. It is amazing how engaged, motivated and silent students are while participating in technology centers! One of the areas of concern from the third grade teachers was solving word problems so this was the focus area. I am ALL about less paper but I am also from the school of thought that students need to have accountability for their work so here is the recording sheet they were responsible for. I will update with the recording paper since I cannot seem to put my fingers on it at the moment. I thought I had sent it to myself from my work computer but it doesn't appear that way so I guess it is saved at school :)!

Center 1- Educreations with Mrs. Jones- At this center I worked with small groups and reviewed the steps to solving a word problem. We completed one together and then I gave them their own word problem which I printed various levels on labels which they worked out on their paper. Once they had their problem checked and were comfortable explaining they used the iPad to create an educreation! If you have not downloaded this FREE iPad app you definitely should. It is MUCH like Show Me which you all know I am in love with but you are able to add more than one slide, TYPE, and change colors :)! I love how easy it is to save work and that it is sent to the web for easy viewing! Here is one example of a completed educreation!


Center 2- iPad Games- Math Quiz Game Show 1-3 was a quick grab from Apps Gone Free. It is an awesome LakeShore Learning app that plays much like jeopardy! You pick 4 categories and between 1-4 teams. I love that the questions are higher level and you can use work space on the iPad to solve the problems. It also keeps track of your score and gives feedback! 

QuickMath is a free app that makes practicing math facts fun! You can do addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or all four operations combined on three different levels! The best part is that the iPad uses handwriting recognition to record your answer not just a multiple choice or type in :)! The kids L O V E it! The intermediate level also switches the order of the equations which is also love because it makes them really think (i.e. 6 X __ = 48). It also forces them to use neat(er) handwriting because they get really frustrated when the iPad doesn't recognize their crazy looking numbers which impacts their score and time! They get super competitive trying to beat their own high score as well as others fastest times!

Center 3- Teacher Center- Students worked in small groups with their classroom teacher to review a particular objective! Each group was working on something different which really allowed for differentiation. It was a great time to remediate and extend with those who needed it.

Center 4- edcanvas- I know I have shared a little bit about edanvas before but it continues to amaze me! I learned about edcanvas at FETC this year and have been obsessed with it ever since! It is a perfect way to organize a completely independent lesson with a ton of structure. The kids LOVE it too and because it is super engaging. It has everything they need all in one block without having to click around and remember what to do next! Edcanvas has added a few new features and I know it will be a Web 2.0 tool that I use year after year! Check out the edcanvas that they worked from.

Center 5- TEI SOL Practice Items- Last year Virginia introduced TEI, technology enhanced items on the SOLs which has really increased the rigor of the test. Third grade is the first grade in our state that take standardized tests so we are trying to give them as much exposure to the type of questions that will be asked and the format of the test. We also want to get them familiar with using the tools independently. We have done lots of practice already but this was a great review! Check out the questions here.

I would love to hear what you think :)!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Currently

I am doing a happy dance as I say goodbye to May and hello to June! 
One of the first thoughts I had today was I need to link up with Farley, Oh Boy 4th Grade for June's Currently, priorities I know! I promise now that summer is right around the corner I will be more diligent with my blog (I hope)! Sadly, my last post was May Currently! Oh boy am I behind on some really cool tech things! 

listening: Yes, I am listening to Chopped again on the food Network. I absolutely love this show! It is one of the first shows my husband and I started watching together. He is an amazing chef and can immediately think of ways to use the mystery ingredients. I usually have to Google half of the ingredients although I do love to cook I can't figure out how to put ingredients together.

loving: Summer is so close I can taste it! We have 11 and a half days left of school. Last week I was chatting with a coworker and her teammate came in with a countdown of 13 days. I almost fell off the desk. I knew it was close but it sounds that much better in numbers!

thinking: This year has flown by! I did not feel that way around Christmas but the last few months have really flown. I think it is because I've had lots of fun between January and now with Florida in January, Vegas in March followed by the beach and tons of weekend events! 

wanting: We are heading to OBX the day after school is out and will spend MOST of the summer there ;)! 

needing: Our house is always "clean" because I am super OCD but I need to do a serious scrub and deep cleaning this summer, ya know the hands and knees nooks and crannies type of cleaning. I keep trying to convince my husband that we need to hire a maid for this type of cleaning but since he keeps laughing at me when I mention it I must do it myself this summer. We also each have an extra room in our house and my goal is to clear the clutter from mine. 

essentials: Obviously it is impossible to take just three things on vacation but since my summer vacations will include beach, beach and beach it is important that I have my bikini and flip flops! I will also need my iPad for entertainment and communication purposes :)! I cannot wait to read some good books this summer, pin,pin,pin on pinterest and play games galore! I am obsessed with Words with Friends, Bookworm, CANDY CRUSH and Fruit Mania. I don't go anywhere without my camera and I will be capturing our summer through my lenses! 
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