Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May Currently

Happy May! I am a little late but couldn't miss a monthly Currently with Farley! 

listening - We <3 hockey. That's it AND the Caps are about to blow a two game lead. *SMH*

loving- I am really loving the warmer weather and being able to wear something other than a huge sweater or sweatshirt and boots! I have even busted out my flip flops a few times! We spent ALL of last weekend outside (at an outdoor 80s concert on Saturday and gardening on Sunday)! May really reminds me that summer IS just around the corner!

thinking- One of my best friends is having a baby and I ordered some monogrammed and personalized etsy gifts which should be arriving tomorrow (or soon) and it has been raining and by raining I mean DOWN POURING! I hope they are packaged well and not left on my NON porch.

wanting- I am still in love with my camera and my 365 project but I really want a new macro lens or tube which will allow for super close up shots. I also need a new flash. This hobby is very expensive!

needing- The FETC 2014 presentation proposal deadline is May 31st! We have lots of ideas but nothing officially on paper and the days are sneaking by! Do you have any suggestions?! If you were attending a technology conference what type of session would you like to attend?

summer bucket list- 1. Last year I had so much fun with a great friend and her three little monkeys doing local "adventures" to the lake, zoo, Washington Monument! We are planning to do it again this year :)! 2. The beach goes without saying. I think we will be spending more time in OBX than at home this summer haha or that is what I would like to happen! 3. I have to get my little self running again so I am forcing myself to sign up for at least one 5K for a little motivation. I am signed up for the Color Run in DC in September with a large team and I am really excited about it. Running has continued to go on the back burner and this week when I've been semi interested... it's been POURING. 4. On July 28 we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary and I hope to celebrate in some special way whether it be at the beach or elsewhere!

FETC 2014

FETC 2013 was so amazing that we have decided to submit a proposal to present again next year! I learned so much and had a blast presenting with two of my colleagues in sunny Florida! We have a few ideas but I want to know what YOU suggest! Please complete my PollEverywhere to help me and post a comment or suggestion!!!
Have you ever used PollEverywhere?! I love that you can vote online or by texting a "code"! Have you ever used your cell phone to vote before?! What do you think of PollEverywhere?
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