Saturday, March 9, 2013


Toontastic is an iPad app that has unlimited possibilites with children of all ages! There is a free version if you want to try it out but I highly recommend the paid version which gives you a lot more scenes and characters as well as the ability to draw your own, import images or even capture images with your camera! The paid version is $12.99 which is a little more on the expensive side for an app but it is totally worth it! The app is easy to use and prompts you of exactly what to do! First graders created a famous American cartoon last week and they had no trouble! One other thing that I love about the app is the easy upload to ToonTube! After you set up an email account and create a password when you finish with your cartoon you simply give it a title, name the director and press "Share on ToonTube." Before you know it you will receive an email to approve the cartoon and then it can be viewed online, shared in a link or embedded into a website! 

After much negotiation my husband agreed to help me create this video to introduce the Toontastic Famous American Project to the first graders! He had to have say in the script and didn't like my "girly" words. He had such a ball doing it that he has asked me on several occasions when we are making another movie which kind of cracks me up!

How cute is this 1st Grade Famous American Toontastic? I love their voices and the erratic movement of their person! They really struggled to read their script and make their person move. Don't you just love those peanut voices?!

Check out more all of our cartoons here!

What do you think of the 100 Follower Giveaway icon?! I am not quite there with digital graphic design LOL! I already have 3 lovely ladies willing to donate and I am getting the rafflecopter ready to go! If you would like to contribute something I would love to link you up :)! 


  1. My fourth and fifth graders use this app often, they love it!

    Teaching In Oz

  2. The first graders loved it. I'm doing a lesson with third graders soon and I know they will be super into it. Love how easy and intuitive the app is. First graders had no trouble using it!


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