Monday, January 6, 2014

January Currently

I am a little late to the party {as usual} but I wanted to play and since I had a few free minutes tonight and little motivation for much else I decided to blog {GASP}! 

Listening: The wind is really starting to pick up! We have a winter storm advisory for our temperatures and the wind. We could see temps as low as 4 degrees and wind chills up to 30 below. We are setting record lows here in Virginia! As of 1:45 this afternoon school is CLOSED for tomorrow! WOOT WOOT! Snow day with no snow I will take it!

Loving: See above! Winter break ended on the 2nd for us and we were all a little bitter but after a snow day on Friday and a snow day tomorrow I think we will get over the silly two days back! I am starting to get used to this one day working, one day off thing! I think I could handle this on a more consistent basis.  SNOW DAY TOMORROW!!!!

Thinking: Unexpected snow days are always the best because I have nothing that I MUST DO which is lovely! I could take down the Christmas tree, work on my spring promos for my photography business, take pictures of frozen bubbles, clean the house, BLOG, read a book or just stay in bed and watch hours of Netflix. 

Wanting: This year I am doing a race a month including a half marathon in September (Nikki the Runner). Yesterday was my first race and I can barely walk so I am WANTING my knee to stop hurting so I could get on with this training business. See below.

Needing: Lately I have lacked all sense of motivation! See above. I need to start training for my races. As a side note let me just mention that I don't even LIKE to run but I have found a love for running races. I was dragged to one and I have been hooked ever since. I love the excitement of a race, hanging out with friends and of course the pictures :)! I love the way I feel after I run too, not during, but after. Since running a 5K and even an 8K came with such ease I decided to up the anti and it's my goal to do a race a month including a half marathon in September! I NEED to get some motivation to start training. I also need some warmer temps which may help with the problem. I also NEED to find my motivation for FETC. I will be presenting at FETC again this year with a  colleague. We are beyond excited about this opportunity and FETC is seriously the most amazing professional experience I've had . We know what we are presenting and the basics of it all but we haven't sat down and flushed it all out. I don't know if it is lack of motivation or lack of time with the holidays and such but I am hoping something sparks and we get the ball rolling, I am losing sleep over our lack of preparedness. Really I could use a little extra motivation in all areas of my life at this moment. 

Memory/tradition: this is our third Christmas together and we have made lots of memories and started our own traditions as a family but as a photographer my favorite is photographs in front of the tree! This makes me seem totally lame I realize but it is something I truly treasure!


  1. Just found you on Oh Boy 4th Grade! :) We don't have a snow day, but we do have a 2 hour delay! Sorry to hear your knee is hurting, I posted about my bum shoulder lol :) I'm your newest follower!


    Mrs. Payton's Precious Kindergarteners

    1. Thanks for stopping by and following :)! It is FREEZING here and we have a lot of walkers in our county {or that's what the statement said:} I will take it either way :)! Hope your shoulder gets better!

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