Monday, April 8, 2013

Apps Gone Free

To say I am obsessed with downloading apps is an understatement. I am constantly searching the app store, checking other technology blogs and just plain stalking people's iPads. I think I am going to start a monthly Appaholics meeting (linky party) for those of you who have the same problem as me!

Apps Gone Free showcases high quality apps that have turned free making the search that much easier! Not all of the apps are educational but I am always looking for good apps whether it be for inside or out of the classroom. Apps Gone Free features 10 apps every day and there are always a few keepers! You can easily fill your iPad with $100s of dollars worth of apps in a few weeks. This is a great way to try new apps without racking up a bill and the best part is that you can delete it without guilt if it isn't what you are looking for! I hate downloading a paid app and being disappointed with it's features and upset at wasting a perfectly good 0.99 cents or worse yet a more expensive app. Most of the apps are free for a limited time so it is important to check daily or every couple of days. 

AppShopper is another great app for finding free apps BUT it was recently taken out of the app store. My headphone jack wasn't detecting my UP band so I had to have it replaced and I was SO disappointed when I couldn't find AppShopper in the app store or in my purchased apps section. I am hoping that it reappears soon! 

What is your favorite PAID app? (perhaps you got it for free)


  1. I love technology too! I'm always trying new ways to incorporate it into my classroom! My latest loves are remote mouse and kidblog! Check out my blog:) I'm your newest follower

  2. iPad is the best friend I've ever got just Hold it in your hand and you are hooked by its size, feather weight and sheer quality. Apple was late with the iPad mini but in my view they really have hit the spot.

    iPad Keyboard


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